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Our book Publishing  Services include:


eBook Publishing:


  • Creation of ePub format eBooks
  • based conversion from your existing book that is in Word or PDF format files
  • Publication of your eBook onto Amazon.com
  • Translation into foreign languages

(i.e. English to German, Spanish, French, or Portuguese, etc.) through the use of the new translation technologies that are available

  • Monthly Sales and Royalty reporting




Web site creation and marketing:


  • Create a web site for you as the author or for each of your books
  • Sell your books via our web site with links to your eBooks on Amazon.com


The book industry has changed dramatically of the last several years.  The development of electronic publishing for authors is part of that change.


Since the emergence of the iPad, Kobo, Amazon's Kindle and other eBook reading devices, portable electronic devices that are designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital books; eBooks have quickly established their presence within the world of publishing.


 As a result the potentially large market that is accessible to authors, by providing authors with more publishing options, is also generating money for them through alternate global markets.  Even traditional publishing houses are climbing on board and converting new releases and backlists into eBook formats.  Tie this in with an author's eBook web site, then the marketing of new and established author's products is enhanced.


If you are a new author or an author who has several books available and you want to tap into this market, let us help you do this.  We currently have several authors who are using our services, with over 60 eBooks books published through us.


Let us take the hassle out of converting your books into ePub format and publishing them online.



Sales Reports:


You are provided with a monthly sales report within a week of the end of sales month (which is the 16th day of each month), identifying all sales of your eBook title(s) and associated royalties due, these will be paid, less our agreed commissions, into your nominated account the following month (i.e. one month in arrears).


 About eBooks:


An eBook is an electronic version of a book. You can start reading an eBook as soon as you've paid for and downloaded it.  eBooks also offer convenience of access and portability; you can store your entire library on a notebook or other electronic device.


eBooks have security settings which may prevent or limit printing and copying, as well as specifying how many different devices you can download the eBook onto.  There also are printing and copying restrictions placed on most commercially distributed eBooks













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