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We Design & Engineer & Build

Digital Business Solutions

Custom Business Software

Digital Business Solutions Engineering is a key part of Cognicions model.

Custom Software Development

We turn your concepts and specifications into business-ready software that meets the highest quality standards. From first prototype to finished product, we take full responsibility for developing and managing the entire project.


Our Offerings

We offer custom software development services that work on web, desktop and mobile for consistent delivery across platforms

Enterprise Application Development

Our Enterprise application development encompasses both the Web and the Desktop platforms, delivering enhanced functionality for our clients.


Services we offer

  • Web application development
  • Desktop application development
  • CMS platform
  • Application Development
  • COTS Enhancements and customisation
  • CRM platform Development
  • E-Commerce Development

Our Process

Cognicions leverages the Agile Delivery Model in a CI/CD context to help transform your concepts into business-ready software solutions

Mobile Application Development

We focus on mobile-first thinking to create applications that deliver true value to users by acting as first-class citizens of the solution space.


Services we offer

  • iOS application Development
  • Android application Development
  • Hybrid application Development
  • Cross-Platform application Development



Our Process

Plan, Code, Build, Release, Test, Deploy

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