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Strategic Position


Cognicion's assignments have included:




Strategic Planning


Our consultants will work with an organisation to prepare a plan for the strategic use of technology.  The emphasis is on generating a plan that puts the business's hard earned dollars into the areas that influence greater profitability.  Stressing the need to tie in an information plan with the business plan and corporate goals.



Quality Management


Cognicions' has adapted quality principles used in industrial engineering and manufacturing to the needs of technology delivery.  Control and assurance techniques allow the developer and the user to set measurable quality objectives for usability, maintainability, reliability, portability, and integrity.  Use of varying international standards in our delivery as appropriate for our clients, such as; IEEE, ISO, and other  Australian standards.





Cognicions' approach is to help clients convert business challenges into opportunities through its Quality of Service philosophy.  A strong commitment to providing high quality service is the collective responsibility of everyone at Cognicions.


Cognicions' definition of quality service is simple:


"Quality Service involves meeting or exceeding the Client's expectations"


For us, quality service is not just a goal - it is a responsibility.  Quality service is the highest priority of Cognicions.  We strive to work closely with clients, listen carefully and help them anticipate and define future needs and opportunities.  Quality service starts with attention to detail.  It involves developing a genuine rapport with our clients.



Consulting Services by Cognicions


Consultancy is a key part of Cognicions's mission in providing an integrated service, which is supported by people who specialise in IT.  Evidence suggests that an organisation's chance of successfully using technology to maximum benefits is considerably enhanced if its project teams have ready access to knowledgeable  support.


Cognicions supports all aspects of information technology planning, systems development and delivery.  Our people are happy to manage a complete program / project, or work as part of a team with you, we have worked in both capacities.
























Range of Services


We place great emphasis on understanding your business, analysing risks and identifying your specific business needs.  Clients are kept informed of progress, and  alerted to potential problem areas.  The complexity and risk inherent in today's business environment poses threats and opportunities.


Throughout our business relations, we aim to identify and understand your needs, and ensure that you are aware of the range of services we can provide to help in maximising opportunities and mitigating risks.


Independent consultants can bring new skills and techniques to an organisation, save time and reduce the workload on existing key executives.  We provide an objective appraisal of a problem, program, or project, based on this outside experience.


Clients receive cost effective assistance and gain a competitive edge in managing and operating their business through our support.  We help to weigh up the risks of business against the controls needed to ensure ongoing success.

Our People


We recognise that servicing clients successfully depends upon the quality of our people.  High technical and professional standards prevail within our business.  Our professionals are continuously learning, continuing to refine their skills.





In the business environment, client's demand a true depth of specialist expertise and wide service coverage.  Every client is part of a dynamic market requiring tailored services rather than a formula service approach.


Our Clients benefit from this approach, which combines specialist service expertise with extensive industry or market knowledge.  Our professionals share experiences, swap ideas and draw collectively on lessons learned from past engagements in similar industries or markets.



Our Beliefs


The need to manage information effectively is critical for the success of our client's businesses and paramount for our continued success.


Leading edge technology is evident in every facet of our service.  Cognicions does provide a range of services that enables client's to select, design and implement technology solutions that is right for them.


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