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Our Approach:



Our friendly staff members are always keen to meet and greet, whether over the phone, web, or in person.  Cognicions feel that it is important to develop a strong, positive relationship with our valued clients.  During the Consultation process, we will meet the appropriate staff at your business and briefly discuss your aims and ideas.


Planning Stage


The Planning stage of our process is an important step in developing the highest quality, most suitable solution strategy for your business.  Our team will plan and structure the solution design and strategy, as per your requests and needs.  This stage includes providing you with a "story board" for you to review.


Design Stage


During the Design phase, our Developers will design a rough or 'mock' design of your solution, lay-out, features and much more in order to complete the highest quality solution. This stage is used for discussion to fine tune your requirements.


Creation Stage


Cognicions  Development team will configure the solution appropriately, getting it up-and-running using the best technology and methods available.  All necessary steps are taken during this process to ensure that the solution is installed and operates at an optimal level.




Our Developers are specialists and will ensure that your solution will be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.




On-going maintenance and monitoring can take place on a regular basis by our skilled Developers to ensure that your solution is functioning at its best.


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